Homeowners want “spa-like” age friendly bathrooms

Adding features for aging household members are the top priority both for current (27%) and future (39%) needs. 

Homeowners want “spa-like” bathrooms

Homeowners doing renovations to their bathrooms are creating spa-like retreats. That’s according to the 2021 US Houzz Bathroom Trends Survey. 40% of homeowners are using their renovated master bathrooms for rest and relaxation retreats. The top added features include:

  • Cleanliness (68%)
  • Uncluttered layouts (63%)
  • Dimmable lighting (38%)
  • Adding greenery (19%)

Many renovations also address homeowners’ desire to “age in place” by adding features that will make the bathrooms more accommodating as homeowners age. Adding features for aging household members is the top priority both for current (27%) and future (39%) needs. 

Nearly three-quarters of renovators (71%) reported that those special needs had developed one to two years before the renovation, 48% are preparing for the near term, and 48% expect special needs to arise for household members within the next five years.

Many made major changes to their bathrooms, with 42% saying they changed the layout, 40% changing walls, and 21% increasing the size of the room either somewhat or significantly. 

As for aesthetics, the color white is a clear winner. It was the most picked color for countertops, vanities, and for both shower and non-shower walls. 

Still, people introduced pops of color, with 27% choosing wood for their vanities and 8% picking blue. For accent walls, 19% opted for gray, 17% for blue, and 13% went with multicolored. 

More and more, renovators are leaning on professionals (84%) for help and advice. 

For instance, almost half (49%) hired a general contractor, up six points from the previous year.

They also hired included bathroom remodelers (22%), bathroom designers (14%), and interior designers (11%). 

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