Design Trends for 2023

What is in and what is out for 2023. Here’s what I’ve been reading about and seeing for the coming year

What are some of the new design trends for 2023? It’s always fun to predict what the New Year will bring.

Hey everyone, I’m McKee Smith. I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist® and REALTOR® with Competitive Edge Realty. I am coming to you Facebook Live today to talk about some of the trends that I have been reading about that are likely to become more popular in 2023. A lot of these have been going for a little while, but these are the ones that I think are going to be really popular.

NUMBER 1 – Floor plans will be less open!

In 2023, something that we are almost certain to see will be less open floor plans. Doesn’t mean that open floor plans are gone, but let’s face it, we learned a lot during Covid. One of the things we learned is that when they built a house with one office space and then the entire rest of the ground floor is one big room, that doesn’t work if you’re having more than one Zoom meeting going at the same time.

During the lockdown, I knew of parents who were on individual Zoom meetings. Their three kids were also taking classes at the same time by Zoom. That was five zooms happening at the same time with people talking and they were trying to find places for everybody. And that’s just hard in a completely open concept house.

There were other issues with Open Concept houses. People in one room watching a movie while the rest of the house is hearing the movie because the large doorways just don’t control sound. If someone is watching in an open area upstairs, Open Concept houses often are open all the way into the downstairs area! Parents don’t really want to listen to the TV their kids are watching upstairs!

That doesn’t mean we’re going to close everything off and go to tiny little matchbox group mocks rooms again, but we are going to see a trend toward less total floor opening.

Number 2 – Funky kitchens will replace minimalistic white.

Okay, any comments yet? I don’t see any. So let’s move on to our second content, second trend. And that is funky Kitchen designs are going to be replacing the minimalist white minimalist light has been around for a long time and it has a certain appeal. It’s so clean and so such stark lines and it’s a very appealing, however, if you have a totally open kitchen that is totally white with nothing out visible, how do you cook? And if you’ve got, if you’re preparing dinner, yes, in a totally open kitchen, you can watch the kids in the other room. But if people surprise you and come by, if you’re cooking, you’re totally empty kitchen, your minimalist white kitchen, you’re going to have stuff out.

You’re going to have pots and pans, you’re going to have things. It is very difficult to actually cook in a totally minimalist kitchen. So I have been looking at things and all the designs I am seeing now from the big designers are funky kitchens. That’s the word that I would use to describe it. And it’s actually the word that Architectural Digest used. I’m not going to put up the picture that was in Arch in the Architectural Digest article, but I am going to add a comment here and put in there in the comments is a link to a great article in Architectural Digest. You can get a free account by just signing up. And the picture in that free account gives you an idea of what some of the new designing kitchens are with. You still have white walls, but you have a blue trim. You have color, color, color everywhere.

Because again, after the lockdowns, people wanted more color, more variety in their environment. And these kitchens are practical. You can actually cook in them.

Number 3 – Accent walls are back!

Well, let’s move on to our third design trend for 2023. Accent walls are back. Yes, accent walls actually are making a return. Right before Covid, people were moving away from accent walls. They didn’t want, they just wanted the room to be the same. It was sort of that stark clean look, which is very nice and very clean. But if you’re in the room for any extended period of time, you don’t want stark and clean people that discovered that they like having some variety. Something to look at besides just a plain stark wall. And the accent walls that I’ve have seen in various magazines, including Architectural Digest, they aren’t just a different color. They are wallpaper with incredible intricate designs on it.

They are not just one accent color, but three complimentary accent colors. There’s a lot more going on with the accent wall and it is definitely making a big return for 2023.

Number 4 – Bold color tiles, especially in bathrooms.

Okay, let’s move on to our fourth design trend. Bold colored tiles in the bathroom specifically, but bold colored tiles everywhere. You’re gonna have to put up tile in a bathroom. And let’s face it, you are probably going to put tile up in a bathroom. Bright, bold colors are the trend. Now the stark white can be there, but the pure white subway tiles are now mixed in, at least Again, one wall is going to have some very bright colors. One of the more interesting designs I saw had, uh, toraso marble vanity with bright firetruck, red firetruck, red backsplash on it. And that was one by one of the top designers in the country. So bold colored tiles coming back.

Number 5 – Free standing bathtubs.

And now let’s move on to our next one, which is free standing bathtubs. Yes, I’ve heard that 2022 was considered the year of the shower. People were having very, very intricate showers and they’re still going to be building big showers. Literally, my wife and I in the last year did a remodel and put in a very nice, very large shower. But this year, free standing tubs are the featured points that people are going to. And these aren’t just your basic clawfoot tub. These are soaker tubs. These have many, many different designs. This is not just your great-grandfather’s bathtub. These have lots of style and many, again in our trend have color something to keep an eye out. Keep glancing over to see if there are any extra comments. Don’t see any yet. But hey, if you’re watching the recorded version of this, again, please make a comment and everybody will be able to see it on the recorded version.

Alright, let’s move on to our next trend. Yes, here we go. The color of the year is called Red Point. You notice the background here on all of my slides. It is red Endpoint. That is Sherwin Williams 9 0 81, the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year. It is darker than some of the colors of the year have been in the past in a lot of things on the Sherwin Williams page. And let me give you the link to that because I don’t want people to not be able to see the link. Here we go. This is the link to the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year page. So you can see the various, if you click around on that page, you will see lots of design ideas for this darker than a lot of people would’ve thought color. But you don’t have to stick with this if this is the made color.

They have developed an entire palette, very earth town, but very mixed that goes along and fits with all of these. So let’s just see real quick if we have any extra comments. Yes. What are your favorite and least favorite design trends? I know one of my personal least favorites is there has been at least consideration of a returning toward brass fixtures as somebody who has spent years of my life at multiple places replacing the brass with something that was usually a more silverish color. I always dread when brass comes back in. Although the brass now that they are talking about bringing back is a more of an unlaced that’s sort of a raw brass. So if you have any comments, please drop them in the comment box and I hope to see more comments. Well, that pretty much wraps up where we were for today.

I’m going to hang around just a little bit to see if we have any more comments, live comments from people, but I’m not seeing any yet. So I hope you will watch this. I hope you will follow the links and look at some of the pictures. I work for years for a company that created copy written materials. So I hate to violate anyone else’s copyright and broadcast their material. But there are the links so you can go and see it for yourself. I will be doing more of these Facebook Live, not certain that it will always be at 10 o’clock on a Tuesday. I’m now thinking 10 o’clock on a Thursday is a better time, but we shall see. In the meantime, there is a link at the top. If you have any questions about real estate or just want to chat with me, there is a link for a no obligation consultation and I will be happy to talk to you about any of your real estate needs. So in the meantime, I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday. Bye for now.

McKee Smith, REALTOR®, has years of experience in the DFW area housing market. He knows the many unique features of Dallas and Fort Worth area home sales. He works out of his home in Coppell, Texas. He is a Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) and new home construction buyer representation certified.  Remember – McKee has the keys to selling your home!

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